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For the Yandex.TV, we proposed an idea and developed an unusal interactive stand with a huge seal. The seal was chosen as the main mascot to support the concept of the “Turned it on and chiiiill!” advertising campaign, in which Yandex.TV simplifies the way to watching movies — just say what you want, and the Alisa voice assistant will turn it on. With the of the platform, users can “chill” or “couch” in front of the TV like a seal.

The camera in front of the sofa recorded the slightest movement. The longer you sit still, the more AR seals appear around you. If you last one minute, you get a cool video with you in the lead roles and a chance to win a TV on the Yandex.TV platform.

Ilya Ryzhkov - Creative direction / Development
Alex Abramov - Technical director
Parviz Niyazmukhamedov - Producer
Andrey Petrov - Junior Producer
Dmitry Maximov - Art director
Alina Bazeluk - Copywriter
Nastya Maximova - Designer
Alexey Churochkin – 3D
Nikita Gavrilov – Motion Design
Ivan Brylev - Development
Ksenia @Forbender - Illustrator

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