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In our work we seek to create richer real world interactions which inspire people and invite to a new way of thinking.

Full service

We create interactive experiences anywhere from creative idea, design, software and hardware development to building, installing and support on-site.

1. Interactive

Whether it is an event where a new product is displayed, we provide it with interactive mechanics and technologies, which help to address the values, features and the core of a new product to a customer.

2. Exhibitions

We produce interactive stands both for temporary or permanent exhibits.

3. Light

We provide city, festivals and other events with light installations. We imagine how a certain installation might complement the space where it will be placed and how it can interact with surrounding environment and people.

4. UGC

We install light and video corners with automated cameras, which not only grab guests' attention at the event, but also create content for social networks in a wink.

Our Clients

We collaborate with event and creative agencies or engage with brands directly. We had a very pleasant experience with the following brands:

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