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Western Wall

"Israel open doors" exhibition has recently been held in Moscow. The event was devoted to good relations between Russia and Israel and communicated the values and traditions of Jewish people to visitors.

We offered to complement the event with an interactive Western Wall.

The Ritual

Millions of people come to the Western Wall in Jerusalem to leave a request note for God.

Traditionally, a note is placed between the stones of the wall.

We decided to replicate this mechanic, but with a technological update to it. One didn't have to go to Jerusalem for a personal request to be sent.

The Stand

One could write a note with the help of a pen and a tablet. Once an NFC card was waved in front of the tablet, the note was automatically recorded on it. And the only thing left to do was placing the card in the wall.

The Wall

The wall had holes with installed NFC readers and LEDs. The lights activated when the card was lowered into the wall. The request was processed by the wall and sent to Jerusalem.


6 days of presence
2601 requests sent

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